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EXCLUSIVE & PROPRIETARY 3-Step Dry Carpet Cleaning Process

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Exclusive 3-Step Process

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PCH Dry Carpet Cleaning

3-Step Dry Carpet Cleaning Process.

We call it VLM for Very Low Moisture.

The results: Your carpets are as clean as, if not better than, ALL typical carpet cleaning methods.

And best of all... your carpets will be dry in About an Hour.*

We Reinvented It!

Image of Kevin scrubbing the carpet wall.
Image of a completed carpte cleaning. The carpet looks sooo much better.

PCH Dry Carpet Cleaning

Our VLM Process

We invented is a 3-Step Process that is safe, will not harm the Environment, and uses a small amount of water. It is called...

VLM for "Very Low Moisture".

Our proprietary process removes as much, if not more, of the deep-down contaminants than most other cleaning options. For example, pet hair and dander penetrate deep into the carpet and create the potential for more odors. Our 3-Step process removes the pet hair deep down in your carpet, hair that's missed by other solutions!.

As a result, your carpets are cleaned as effectively, if not more, as the industry preferred truck mounted cleaning options.

And best of all.. your carpets will be dry in about an hour*

More About VLM...

  • We use 80%-90% less water what truck mounted cleaning
  • Green Approved. Safe for People, Pets, & Plants
  • Problem areas are Stain Treated with our Proprietary Solution
  • No loud machines or big bulky hoses. Our equipment is much quieter, like a household vacuum
  • 30-Day Guarantee. If the Stains come back... so will WE!
  • We take the extra step of adding Encapsulation at the end of the process which removes most of the dirty water.

PCH Dry Carpet Cleaning - Dry In About An Hour

Our Dry Carpet Cleaning Process

How It Works

What's The Bottom Line?

We use the Best Cleaning Products combined with the Best Cleaning Method to give you the Best Results. Guaranteed!


How We Compare


Dry time is about 1 hour!


Dry time is usually 12 to 24 hours


Exclusive 3 Step process. We spend up to twice the amount of time deep cleaning your carpet than extraction cleaners.


Most extraction cleaners will brag on how fast they can get in & out of your house and you usually end up disappointed.


Time spent & superior cleaning products are the primary cleaning components, not water.


Truck mounted is fastest process compared to extraction, but they drag hoses throughout your house


No surprise upcharge! You will receive a "Not to Exceed (NTE)" quote and my cleaning will be that price or less


Surprise! Many companies do not include odor and stain treatment in their initial quote. When they arrive you may hear that that will be an extra charge.


VLM cleaning leaves carpet softer and more pliable, no residue to grab hold of the dust and dirt.


Harsh cleaners will leave carpet stiff and brittle. Dust and Dirt will stick to this residue creating traffic paths quickly


Our Odor treatment will leave your carpet smelling much fresher for much longer


Next to the complaint of stains returning quickly, immediate & long-term odor issues are played off as “normal” unless you pay extra for treatment.

Serving Businesses - Small & Large

  • We can clean your small business before you open.
  • We can clean a larger office during the day
  • PCH system is NOT noisy, NO hoses to pull around and mess up the place & Dries quickly
  • No need to ruin your weekend at the office with us.
  • 30-Day Guarantee. Or We come back & do it again!
  • Did we mention… carpet is dry in 1 hour?

Protecting Our Environment

PCH Dry Carpet Cleaning uses only GREEN Approved, environmentally safe cleaning products and stain removers, safe for people, pets and plants. As with any Carpet Cleaning, keep pets off the carpets until dry to avoid transfer of oils from their coat that will create stains on the carpet.

We use a Proprietary Solution, invented by us, that is Green and Safe. Safe for children, pets, plants, and you. Note: but please keep the pets off the carpet until dry, as oils can transfer from their coats and leave stains on the carpet.

See for yourself.

Our Actual Results

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

PCH Dry Carpet Cleaning uses only GREEN Approved, environmentally safe cleaning products and stain removers, safe for people, pets, and plants. As with any Carpet Cleaning, keep pets off the carpets until dry to avoid transfer of oils from their coat that will create stains on the carpet.

PCH Dry VLM cleaning products are strong but safe. People with extra sensitive lungs are suggested to have proper ventilation while We clean.

PCH Dry Carpet Cleaning includes stain and odor treatment with each service. Pet and food odors are all treated. Some pet odors will penetrate the padding of the carpet and may take multiple treatments, but most can be removed. We use and offer an excellent Enzyme Stain and Odor remover for $20 that you can keep on hand if needed. Be sure to compare: Some Carpet Cleaning services that give low initial bids will charge you extra for stain and odor removal.

Yes. Dry VLM Carpet Cleaning does not leave soapy or chemical residue that attracts dirt. Dry VLM Carpet Cleaning does not penetrate through the pad with liquid that can result in mold and mildew or returning stains. Encapsulation cleaned carpets stay clean longer and get easier to maintain with each cleaning

Encapsulation system will be dry to the touch in about an hour, stain treated areas will take a little longer.

PCH Dry Carpet Cleaning takes as much time as necessary to do the best job possible. We usually spend 2-3 hours using my exclusive 3-step process on a 3-4 room cleaning.

We appreciate your busy schedule. We provide 1-2 hour appointment windows, and We will call you when We am on the way so you only need to be within 15 minutes of home during your appointment window.

Carpet Manufacturers recommend non-pet owners to clean their carpets once every 12 months. Carpet manufacturers recommend single pet owners clean every 9-12 months and multiple pet owners every 3-6 months.

Because We am a single operator, not subject to budgets and time limits. We will do the best possible job and spend all the time that is needed to make sure the job is done correctly. We use only environmentally safe cleaners, the best enzyme stain removers and provide a 30-day Satisfaction guaranty. Referrals upon request. We not only have 5-Star reviews; We have 100% 5-Star reviews.

Kevin running the vacuum scrubber over the rug.
Kevin scrapping the carpet wall

About Us

We are dedicated to doing the best job possible, leaving your carperts cleaner than ever!

See What Our Happy Clients Say!

Our Prices

Prices include stain treatment & odor treatment, which usually cost EXTRA from many other carpet cleaners. Room sizes are up to 150 sq. ft. feet (5 paces x 5 paces approx.). And Prices vary by time & condition of the carpet, so be sure to ask us for an exact quote!

Typical Example

PCH Dry Carpet Cleaning will spend 3 to 4 hours on a 2,400 sq. ft. 3-Bedroom home with hallway, living room & stairs at a cost of $225-$295. These prices vary by time & condition so be sure to ask us for an exact quote. That is almost twice the amount of time & effort than any other carpet cleaner will spend.

We care about the results! Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed for 30 days or We will come back and treat your trouble areas again!

Our COVID-19 Protection Measures

Common sense precautions seem to be our best defense against the COVID-19 virus. This includes keeping the surfaces in your home or business sanitary. This includes carpets where your children play and your pets lay. We have always taken preventative actions to protect the healthy carpet cleaning of your home or business.

Key sanitary processes PCH Dry Carpet Cleaning has done since day one:

  • All equipment is cleaned & disinfected after each job
  • Only environmentally safe (green) cleaning products are EVER used
  • We use Hydrogen Peroxide in the process- A natural disinfectant
  • We wear a N-95 health mask at all times
  • We use hand sanitizer before and after each service.

We employ these actions to provide the cleanest and most healthy result possible for our clients. No offense to anyone, but even the best kept homes and businesses will not be able to remove all the dirt, dust and contaminates deep in your carpet. Contaminates that can create a breeding ground for germs, bacterias, etc. Our process will remove more of these contaminants than regular cleaning, and, disinfect at the same time.

We hope this message creates confidence in your decision to consider using PCH Dry Carpet Cleaning. The only thing that we will miss is not shaking your hand when we meet. Thank you & Stay Safe.